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An African holiday should be spent in the wild, not in the emergency ward. This guide to healthy travel covers immunisation, medical kits, how to stay healthy and what to do if problems arise. It's like having a mini-medic in your pocket. tailored advice for travellers of all ages and needs clear ...

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			Afryka - Africa Healthy Travel Guide Lonely Planet - błyskawiczna wysyłka!

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CultureShock! Morocco contains all the essential information to help you settle comfortably in this unique but often bewildering country. Insights into the people and their culture and traditions.  Advise on adapting into the local environment.  Essential information on the country's history, traditions, beliefs, etiquette, cuisine and leisure ...

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			Culture Shock! Morocoo: A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette - błyskawiczna wysyłka!

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Whether you're a hardened African veteran or a wide-eyed first timer, this is a continent that cannot fail to get under your skin. Our 12th edition takes you on a Serengeti safari, reveals the best spot to view Victoria Falls and tells you where to see surfing hippos. Whether you're after big-name highlights or lesser-known adventures, this guide has got it all covered. ...

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			Lonely Planet Africa - błyskawiczna wysyłka!

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Navigate your way through the diverse and rugged country of Morocco with The Rough Guide Map. Printed on waterproof, rip-proof paper, this fully updated map pin-points the best this North African country has to offer, from the spice-infused streets of Marrakesh, to the drifting sands of the Sahara desert, the stunning Todra Gorge, the contemporary city of Casablanca, and everything ...

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			Mapa: Maroko - Rough Guide Morocco Map - błyskawiczna wysyłka!

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The innovative and wonderfully designed Rough Guides map series introduces maps constructed of waterproof and virtually indestructible 'paper' ? they won't tear, fray or fall apart. Packed with keyed listing recommendations, they include annotated walking tour itineraries, a unique 'Time Map' and many more features. ? 3-maps-in-1; the card cover doubles as a quick ...

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			Mapa: Rough Guide Marrakesh  - błyskawiczna wysyłka!

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The Marrakesh Encounter guide gives you twice the city in half the time. Within minutes of arrival in Marrakesh?s Medina (Old City) you?ll learn a new word: ?Balek!? Roughly, ?Move it or lose it, donkey coming through!? Donkey carts may not inspire the same adrenaline-rushing alertness as careening Vespas loaded with oranges and carpet sellers in hot pursuit of customers with their absolute ...

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			Marakesz Lonely Planet Marrakesh Encounter - błyskawiczna wysyłka!

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The Rough Guide to Morocco is the ultimate travel guide to this African Kingdom with clear maps and detailed coverage of all the best Moroccan attractions. From the labyrinthine streets of Fes to troupes of barbary apes, striking mosques and vibrant arts and crafts, discover Morocco's highlights inspired by dozens of colour photos. Find detailed coverage of the must-see sights ...

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			Maroko Przewodnik Rough Guide Morocco - błyskawiczna wysyłka!

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wydanie z 2011 roku. Przewodnik Ilustrowany MAROKO zawiera wszystko, czego można oczekiwać od przewodnika turystycznego. Jest inspirującą lekturą przed wyjazdem, bezcenną pomocą podczas zwiedzania i wspaniałą pamiątką z podróży. Zamieszczone niemal na każdej stronie kolorowe fotografie składają się na obraz historii Maroka i życia współczesnego jego mieszkańców. Przygotowane ...

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			Maroko. Berlitz - Przewodnik ilustrowany - błyskawiczna wysyłka!

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wydanie z sierpnia 2011r. Morocco exudes Maghrebi mystique, with medina lanes leading to souqs and riads, camels disappearing into the Sahara and Berber villages perched in the High Atlas. Grab a mint tea and enjoy the show. 4 authors, 137 days of on-the-road research, 103 maps, 411 cups of mint tea Inspirational photos Comprehensive planning tools ...

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			Maroko. Lonely Planet Morocco - błyskawiczna wysyłka!

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Z przewodnikiem "Maroko" z serii "Dookoła świata" poznasz kraj wysunięty najbardziej na zachód "Dżizirat el Maghreb", w którym prócz imponujących gór zachwycają żyzne doliny, prażone słońcem wydmy, jałowe góry, czyste rzeki i oczywiście plaże, kuszące ciepłym piaskiem i krystaliczną wodą. Z nowym przewodnikiem "Maroko" będziesz ...

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			Maroko. Pascal - Dookoła Świata - błyskawiczna wysyłka!