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An African holiday should be spent in the wild, not in the emergency ward. This guide to healthy travel covers immunisation, medical kits, how to stay healthy and what to do if problems arise. It's like having a mini-medic in your pocket. tailored advice for travellers of all ages and needs clear ...

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			Afryka - Africa Healthy Travel Guide Lonely Planet - błyskawiczna wysyłka!

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Get up close and personal with Southern Africa's amazing wildlife with this all-in-one safari guide. Cheetah and springbok race in a 100km/hour sprint to the death in the Kalahari; a vast grey mass of elephants surround you on their way to the riverbank; a million flamingos lay a pink blanket over the mudflats. Whether you're on a top-shelf luxury safari or going it alone in a rented ...

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			Afryka Południowa - Lonely Planet Watching Wildlife Southern Africa - błyskawiczna wysyłka!

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Nestled at Africa's southern tip, Cape Town offers an enticing taste of an entire continent. Somewhere between the good looks of this cosmopolitan city and the realities of its surrounding suburbs, you'll find the true Cape Town. Intensive coverage of Cape Town's 200 wineries Interviews, tips and advice from locals in the know Guide ...

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			Kapsztad - Przewodnik Lonely Planet Cape Town - błyskawiczna wysyłka!

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The Rough Guide to Cape Town, The Winelands & the Garden Route is the most comprehensive and informative guide available to this spectacular region. You'll find detailed information on everything from sandboarding in De Hoop Nature Reserve to sampling wine in the many Western Cape's estates. Whether you want to wander the pastel-coloured streets of the Bo-Kaap, explore the ...

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			Kapsztad Przewodnik Cape Town, The Winelands & the Garden Route - błyskawiczna wysyłka!

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Whether you are looking for thrilling wildlife experiences, the most outstanding wine estates or the most beautiful beaches, this guide is the perfect pocket-sized companion. Rely on dozens of Top 10 lists - from the Top 10 adventure activities to the Top 10 ways to experience and encounter wildlife and, to save you time and money, there is even a list of budget tips and the Top 10 ...

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			Kapsztad. DK Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guide: Cape Town and the Winelands - błyskawiczna wysyłka!

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Wallpaper* City Guide Cape Town The fast-track guide for the smart traveller. A new concept in city guides Tightly edited and ruthlessly researched, for the discerning traveller who wants a true taste of the best a city has to offer Rigorously selected, the guides include the ...

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			Kapsztad. Wallpaper* City Guide Cape Town - błyskawiczna wysyłka!

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Whether you're a hardened African veteran or a wide-eyed first timer, this is a continent that cannot fail to get under your skin. Our 12th edition takes you on a Serengeti safari, reveals the best spot to view Victoria Falls and tells you where to see surfing hippos. Whether you're after big-name highlights or lesser-known adventures, this guide has got it all covered. ...

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			Lonely Planet Africa - błyskawiczna wysyłka!

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Explore South Africa's kaleidoscope of cultural and environmental attractions with The Rough Guide Map South Africa. Printed on waterproof, rip-proof paper, this new map of South Africa pin-points the best the area has on offer, from the pastel-coloured streets of the Bo-Kaap and the Garden Route's dramatic Storms River Mouth, to the mysterious Drakensberg (Dragon Mountains) and big ...

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			Mapa: RPA, Lesotho, Suazi - Rough Guide South Africa Map - błyskawiczna wysyłka!

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Każdego dnia eksperci National Geographic przemierzają świat, zgłębiając kulturę i dzieje odwiedzanych krajów oraz przypatrując się ich mieszkańcom. Zdobytą wiedzę przekazują na łamach przewodników National Geographic, obejmujących: Marszruty oparte na bogactwie południowoafrykańskich doświadczeń, które pomogą zaplanować pobyt adekwatnie do posiadanego czasu i ...

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			National Geographic Republika Poludniowej Afryki RPA - błyskawiczna wysyłka!

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Our 5th edition of Southern Africa brings you the most extensive coverage of the region. Go on safari in Kruger National Park, taste your way through South Africa's Winelands, glide in a traditional dugout canoe down the Okavango Delta, snorkel in Lake Malawi and be amazed by one of the seven natural wonders of the world, Victoria Falls. Special colour chapter on wildlife & ...

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			Przewodnik Lonely Planet Southern Africa - błyskawiczna wysyłka!