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The Rough Guide to Berlin is the definitive guide to this extraordinary city with its fascinating historical sites, world-class museums, cutting edge galleries and architecture and pulsating nightlife. It will guide you through Germany?s capital with reliable information and a clearly explained background on everything from the enduring Reichstag to eastern Berlin?s cultural ...

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			Rough Guide to Berlin - błyskawiczna wysyłka!

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The Rough Guide to Brittany & Normandy is the ultimate handbook for discovering the region, from the glorious medieval abbey of Mont-St-Michel to Monet's waterlily pond at Giverny, and the ancient Bayeux Tapestry. Discover walks and cycle trails through ancient forests and along stunning coastline, and learn more about the defining feature of the Breton landscape - the ...

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			Rough Guide to Brittany and Normandy  - błyskawiczna wysyłka!

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The Rough Guide to Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania is your ultimate travel guide to the Baltic States. Whether you?re looking for inspiring accommodation or great places to eat, in-the-know advice will help you find the very best places to stay. It includes comprehensive coverage of the historic capital cities; the dramatic rural regions dotted with lakes and ...

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			Rough Guide to Estonia Latvia and Lithuania - błyskawiczna wysyłka!

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The Rough Guide to the Lake District is the ultimate travel companion for discovering England's most celebrated scenic area, from the literary sites of Grasmere to cruising on Lake Windermere and all the alpine landscapes and picturesque villages in between. Foodies are directed to the regions best restaurants and most authentic old inns and pubs, whilst walkers can ...

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			Rough Guide to Lake District - błyskawiczna wysyłka!

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The Rough Guide to Languedoc & Roussillon is the most comprehensive guide to this beautiful and varied corner of southwest France. Written by a renowned historian with more than 15 years? experience in the region, it?s packed with insightful accounts, detailed practical information and clear maps. You?ll find everything you need to know to make the most of the region?s ...

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			Rough Guide to Languedoc & Roussillon  - błyskawiczna wysyłka!

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Wydanie z czerwca 2010 roku, Opis i wprowadzenie: The Rough Guide to Provence & The Côte d'Azur is the ideal travel guide to this magical region of southern France. It provides full practical details, with up-to-the-minute listings of hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs, for fascinating towns such as Roman Arles, medieval Avignon, and ...

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			Rough Guide to Provence & the Cote d'Azur - błyskawiczna wysyłka!

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The Rough Guide to Yorkshire is the first comprehensive guidebook to England?s largest county. It includes comprehensive coverage of the county, from the ruggedly beautiful Dales and Moors and magnificent North Sea coast to the multi-cultural cities of Leeds and Sheffield, the resurgent port of Hull to all the market towns and rural villages in between. Take your pick of ...

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			Rough Guide to Yorkshire - błyskawiczna wysyłka!

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Rozmówki angielskie ze słowniczkiem to niezbędnik każdego turysty. Angielski jest językiem uniwersalnym. Rozmówki przydadzą się więc nie tylko podczas podróży do Wielkiej Brytanii czy USA. Z powodzeniem możemy z nich korzystać w krajach takich jak RPA, Egipt czy Tunezja. Książka zawiera najpotrzebniejsze zwroty i wyrażenia, które pozwolą odnaleźć się w każdej, nawet najbardziej ...

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			Rozmówki angielskie ze słowniczkiem - błyskawiczna wysyłka!

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Follow the travelling sun god Dazbóg as he rides across the sky on a diamond studded beer keg. Follow his lead; he starts the day as a newborn, touring architecturally rich miasta, rolling woodlands & mountain peaks eager to experience the possibilities of a new culture & language. He ends the day older and wiser, with the insights that come with learning a new ...

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			Rozmówki Angielsko-Polskie - Lonely Planet Polish Phrasebook - błyskawiczna wysyłka!

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Grab this pocket guide to the best of Bulgarian banter and not only will you be ordering theatre tickets like a seasoned local, you'll be glancing at that Cyrillic alphabet and nodding knowingly too. two-way dictionary guide to pronunciation and phrase-building practicalities - how to get around and grab a ...

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			Rozmówki Bułgarskie - Lonely Planet Bulgarian Phrasebook - błyskawiczna wysyłka!